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Police equipment CJG-Z125-SD08 connection anti-riot spray batons

DATE:2017-10-10 Browse:1721 Source:QLX

Linked to the anti-riot spray batons, I developed a new form, the function of the unique link-type anti-riot spray batons, to strengthen the special police, security patrol, police and other single police anti-riot response means and control. Combat capability, to meet the public security organs anti-riot stability needs.

Foreign batons development has been to the multi-functional, diversified, lightweight direction, the United States, France, Germany and other countries of the batons are in the traditional batons on the multi-functional integrated development, to keep the batons of the "hit, Arm and increase the impact on the basis of the full use of baton structure and harmony, light, electricity technology, and constantly develop both "attack, protection", but also launch "strong sound, light, tear" and other multi-functional baton.

Foreign use of non-lethal single police equipment is very diverse, with the use of the traditional T batons, telescopic batons, non-lethal equipment, including Taser, pepper sprayer, pneumatic transmitter, laser dazzling, Equipment and so on. The current non-lethal single police equipment has become the preferred equipment for some parts of the United States police, especially batons and chili agent launch equipment for the mainstream equipment in the United States.

The case of connection-type anti-riot spray batons mainly combines the traditional baton, liquid capsaicin, the main acting content is the baton projection of capsaicin technology.

The release of irritating liquid capsaicin and can effectively cause a smoke or aerosol, and attack the target eye, nose and other mucosal tissue. At present we use the PAVA (capsaicin Ⅱ) pepper. Is an extract of capsaicin (spicy degree of 16 million), the effect is mucosal irritation reaction, will not lead to permanent damage to the target. But the resulting effect is sufficient to brake the target. Old teachers have a strong irritation, contact with severe eye pain, tears, coughing, sneezing, chest pain and other symptoms. As the threshold is low, the symptoms appear and disappear quickly, the safety ratio is higher.

Human skin, eyes and other organs and capsaicin after contact will feel a strong stimulating effect, the role of time will usually last 30 ~ 60min. Stimulation effect is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, the role of the skin, will make the skin has a burning sensation of pain

2, the role of the mucous membrane, so that the eyes burning, tears, involuntary closed, nose, mouth mask will have burns and swelling of the feeling, the throat will feel thirsty, hot, tight;

3, the role of the respiratory system, capsaicin by stimulating the lungs of C-fibrous neurons caused by rapid shallow breathing, can cause severe cough, vomiting, and will feel the chest and throat choking. Contaminated capsaicin staff will feel whole body weakness, movement disorders. To facilitate the officers on a short period of time uniform suspects.

Stimulants to the target, need to be filled into the aerodynamic emission requirements for a certain structure and quality of the gas tank, the force in the valve, the release of emission stimulants, the formation of a larger coverage, to stimulate the effect.

The connection of the anti-riot spray batons in appearance and general Qi Mei stick the same, can be used as a hit and impact equipment. It has a broken window glass and a stimulating agent, and its internal special structure has a gas eruption mechanism, a replaceable gas tank, a tactical attack head, and a functional device.

(1), can be used when the general town stick bar hunting tactical use

(2), can be liquid liquid capsaicin

(3), the use of alternative gas cans

(4), safety rubber hand

The main technical indicators of various devices:

1, capsaicin stimulant emission distance of 3 ~ 5m

2, broken window cone can break all the current models of glass (except bullet-proof vehicles)

3, hit the play for the 18m / s speed, 350 Joules energy hit


1, connecting baton, into the tear tank

2, press the release button, capsaicin will be ejected from the front.

Note: The release button can not be used until the push button is released

The internal launch mechanism includes a gas tank, an interlock device, and a release button. By appealing to the three bodies, capsaicin is sprayed through the gas tank (including the valve and the tank) to push the injection. When there is a certain pressure gas is present, will automatically return to the valve. The internal structure of the alloy material design, to maintain the appropriate mechanical strength, the use of steel structure can guarantee structural strength. A safety device is released, and the push button structure can be touched when pushed to the release position.

Main technical and tactical indicators:

The physical indicators of the connection type anti-riot spray batons are designed according to the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Public Security. The key technical indicators are closely related to the stimulating agent, anti-hacking ability, impact resistance and capsaicin. The overall goal: to liquid capsaicin, aerodynamic, spray to more than 3m distance.

Technical performance: liquid capsaicin can be sprayed to more than 3m. While maintaining a security device to prevent misuse, resulting in accidents. Anti - knife weapons cut and the impact of multiple ability.

Main Specifications:

Spray distance: about three meters above

Gas tank pressure: 25 kg per square centimeter

Diameter: 5 cm or less

Material: Metal alloy

Stimulating agent: capsaicin


1, in the tear tank cans into the transmitter device, the need to force the tank to the bottom, pay attention to the transmitter cover gently tightened, so as to avoid mistakes caused by their own or others

2, when the batons are not used, be sure to lock off the lock, to lock, to avoid misuse caused by their own or others hurt

3, remove the tank with the same way to install the same way out, if there is a normal phenomenon of the phenomenon of cans.

Solution: Rotate the launcher left (see the overall structure of the baton) Remove the top cover of the club and push the tank with your finger

Note: tear or training tank attention to storage environment, pay attention to high temperature, control below 45 ℃.

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